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We Are Second-Opinion 

Portfolio Specialists

Is Your Portfolio on Track?

At no charge to you, we will give you our analysis of your portfolio, its strategy, management, asset allocation, and investments. This includes a mapping of your investments into time horizons to show if your portfolio is structured to bring you the resources you need for funding your needs and goals for income,  tax efficiency, retirement, charitable giving, and estate planning.

Our 25+ years of experience as an investment advisor and fiduciary will take your portfolio management and investment management to the next level.

Why a Portfolio Second Opinion?

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Our Portfolio Planning Process

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Business Owners: 

Considering Selling Your Business But Don’t Have a Plan?

Services Offered

Wealth Management

Personal Planning

Business Owner Exiting

Customized Portfolios Designed to Your Specific Needs

MCM specializes in designing portfolio investment strategies for HNW investors that deliver four pillars of substantial economic value and sustainable investing: wealth preservation; tax efficient investing; retirement income planning; portfolio growth.

Meet our Principals

Each an expert in their chosen field and role.

Geoff Hakim, CFP®

Founder, Principal, & CEO

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Geoffrey Hakim - Founder, Principal, CEO, CFP

Our practice is multi-faceted. We manage the portfolios of high-net families and business owners; we offer comprehensive financial planning services, and we build investment products designed to create risk-adjusted returns.

My first role at MCM Wealth, in conjunction with my partner Bob Hoyt,
is to advance and oversee the management of these different facets as implemented by our extraordinary team.

I also sit on our two investment committees and am also responsible for
developing both the firm’s marketing strategy and having initial discussions with prospects inquiring about our firm. Finally, as an experienced CFP, I am also brought into client meetings to as assist as requested.

Robert (Bob) Hoyt

Principal, President, & CIO

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Robert Hoyt - Principal, President, Investment Committees Chair

My investment approach is informed by my psychology training, entrepreneurial experience, and belief in “back-to-the -drawing-board” quantitative analysis for ongoing and objective evaluation.

I designed our Discovery Meeting approach to learn the various facets of our clients’ and prospects’ relationship to money. I regard financial goals as myopic without also knowing a client’s financial style and values.

My approach to building high-functioning teams is central to how I chair our wealth management and AMP I (our multi-strategy hedge fund) investment committees. My role is primarily as a facilitator and teacher.

I live by the mantra that if “I stop growing, I stop living”, and know full well that leadership is more about what you model than what you say.

Ayman Abouhend CFA®

Chief Investment Strategist

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Ayman Abouhend - Chief Investment Strategist

I trained as an engineer and gained deep investment understanding through my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.  These two perspectives have combined into my financial engineering specialty.

Financial engineering comes through in investment technology (developed with my partner Kirk Loury) as well as portfolio construction. Using technology guides me in investment selection while also being the horsepower for due diligence.

My role as MCM’s chief investment strategist applies investment selection for portfolio construction, and this is revealed in customization for clients using a wide array of investment types and advanced algorithmic optimization to each client’s investment objective.

Kirk Loury

Portfolio/Business Strategy

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Kirk Loury - Portfolio Analysis and Construction

I’ve worked with wealthy families, small-to-large businesses, and investment firms in a variety of lead advisory roles. At my core, I’m adept at finding solutions to challenging business and investment circumstances. 

My background in starting and operating technology businesses gives me deep insights into the mind of entrepreneurs.

A particular specialty is developing advanced investment and portfolio analysis technology with my partner Ayman Abouhend. This technology serves as the analytical core for the work we do at MCM Wealth.

Applying expertise, insights, and technology develop tailored solutions for MCM’s private wealth and business-owner clients.

In addition to investment and portfolio strategy, I have particular experience in charitable-giving strategies, tax-efficient investing, and multi-generational income.

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