Your Time-Horizon Portfolio

We Design Your Portfolio After Discovering Your
Short-, Mid-, and Long-Term Needs, Wants, and Aspirations

Our 3-Step Portfolio-Building Process





25+ Years’ Investing Experience Scaled With Advanced Technology

After 25+ years in the wealth management business, we’ve seen it all in selecting investments and building portfolios; we know what works. We’ve seen firsthand that a thoughtfully allocated customized portfolio adds value and confidence to our clients’ lives. In this regard, we utilize in-house research to develop a toolbox of quality investments assembled to create each client’s asset allocation. Our research is assisted by smart, proprietary technology employing predictive algorithms, stress testing and advanced technology inputs such as artificial intelligence (AI). Our investment options includes a wide array of public, private, and structured investments from the most conservative to the more aggressive, each to be used in their own specific way for each client (see Step 3 for investment examples).


Client Discovery

Knowing You And Where You Want To Go Defines Your Portfolio

Your portfolio asset allocation and personal wealth planning should be as uniquely individualized as you are. We learn who you are (needs, wants, and aspirations) through discussions with Dr. Robert Hoyt, psychology PhD, and a partner at MCM Wealth. We also learn when you intend to spend future portfolio dollars which ultimately drives the design of your time-horizon investment portfolio. Discussions are augmented by online assessments measuring both your risk profile and communication style. The resulting profile gives us the information we need to make your portfolio precisely yours.





Allocations Designed For The Timing Of  Your Future Spending Needs

Your portfolio is allocated relative to WHEN you’ll need your money as determined by our discovery process.  Each investment fills a specific purpose within your asset allocation. You may choose to use only traditional, public investments or include private or alternative investments. Your time-horizon allocation will be rebalanced overtime to assure your dollars will be available when you need them while protecting your mid- to long-term future. Example investment types offered by MCM Wealth for each investment period are listed below.

Short-Term Investments

(0 – 3 Years)

 Ordered by Liquidity

Cash/Gov. Securities 

  1. Cash Management to maximize yield
  2. Taxable Bond Ladders customized by duration 
  3. Muni-Bond Ladders customized by duration *

Enhanced Yield 

  1. Arbitrage Funds with conservative hedging
  2. Income Investments with low volatility  

* Tax Managed

Mid-Term Investments 

(3 – 7 Years)

 Ordered by Liquidity

  1. Dividend stocks with less downside volatility *
  2. Liquid Alternatives with hedging strategies
  3. Corporate Bonds protected by strong balance sheets
  4. Risk-Managed Hedge Funds combining growth with capital preservation
  5. Structured Products that limit losses but  with upside capture
  6. Annuities: (FIA/RILA) *
* Tax Managed

Long-Term Investments

(>7  Years)

 Ordered by Liquidity

  1. Equity Portfolios customized by client *
  2. Next-Gen Growth Funds customized by niche
  3. Precious Metals physical gold and silver trusts
  4. Hedge Funds with higher potential returns and volatility
  5. Tail-Risk Funds to protect against “Black Swan” Events
  6. Crypto Currency and blockchain infrastructure
  7. Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds *
  8. Private Real Estate Funds (debt and equity) *
* Tax Managed

Time-Horizon Investing: 

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