MCM Wealth Team

Elizabeth B. Hakim

HR/Adminstrative Director

Elizabeth Hakim oversees human resources, financials, systems administration, and office management. Her bookkeeping responsibilities began in 2000, when her husband, the founder, was a sole practitioner, and she took a leave of absence from teaching to have their only child, Jeremy.
As MCM Wealth evolved, so did Ms. Hakim’s role in the firm. Eventually she took on managing the office and organizing events. As staff moved on, more responsibilities were transferred to her.
Her job now includes HR, financials, systems administration, and office management—all from on-the-job training. Prior to MCM Wealth, Ms. Hakim taught public school for the Mill Valley and San Rafael school districts from 1990-2000. 
She graduated from the University of Oregon in 1983 and received her teaching credential from San Francisco State University in 1990. She worked several years in advertising in downtown San Francisco from 1984-1987.