Client Fees

Your Fiduciary

We make investment recommendations after we’ve learned about you through our Discovery Process. We educate you on the choices we recommend so the decisions you make are fully informed. This aligns our interests with yours.


We are, and have always been, a fee-only wealth advisory practice (see our fee schedule below). We do not accept commissions of any sort on investments we recommend. Our custom portfolios are objectively constructed.

Our Minimum

We invest our resources before we ask you to commit your own. When we mutually agree to work together, our relationship formally begins. We will adjust our targeted $2 million account minimum if it is mutually beneficial.


Aggregate Assets

Managed by Advisor


Asset-Based Fee

(Payable Quarterly)

Up to $2,500,000
0.275% (1.10% annually)
$2,500,001 – $5,000,000
0.225% (0.9% annually)
$5,000,001 – S10,000,000
0.200% (0.8% annually)
$10,000,001 – $15,000,000
0.175% (0.7% annually)
$15,000,001 – $20,000,000
0.150% (0.6% annually)
0.125% (0.5% annually)

Short-Term Investment Fee

For Cash/government securities, MCM charges 0.30% or 30 basis points; for enhanced yield investments, the standard MCM fee schedule above applies.


MCM’s experience for a lifestyle/financial planning engagement typically requires ten hours of dedicated time of which three to four hours is meeting time with clients, and the remainder for analysis, design, refinement, and deliverables. At MCM’s $500/hour rate, a  representative charge will be between $3,000 and $7,000. The actual fee may change based on each client’s circumstances.

Personal planning oversight fee

No charge for clients with a minimum of $2 million in assets under management. For clients with less than the minimum, MCM will charge $500 per hour for this service unless previously agreed.

Friends & Family Referral Program

We offer our clients a friend and family referral program. For those referrals that become MCM Wealth clients, they will receive a 15% advisor fee discount for the first year. Our referring clients will also receive a discount of their advisor fee at the same dollar amount over the next year. We’d like to encourage you to refer your children. While we have a $2M minimum, we will be flexible with this minimum for our clients’ children. 
Please feel free to refer your business owner friends and contacts that you feel we might help with either our wealth management services and/or our business owner turnkey exiting services.

We AreĀ Second-OpinionĀ 

Portfolio Specialists

Click for our podcast discussing the benefits of a portfolio second opinion